About us

Export Fruits & Vegetables

ALwafaa was founded in 1998, by the visionary said Mohamed aboalwafa, who managed to utilize the developments in Egypt’s economical advances to be able to built on it and take the advantage that Egypt plays and what the role of ALwafaa has tried to be involved and be part of that development. At first, ALwafaa started with activities in trade by purchase & export of fruits & vegetables. Since then ALwafaa has grown, expanded, added new activities, applied backward & forward integration to arrive where it stands today; as a prominent distinct joint stock company renowned for exporting of fresh fruits and vegetables with a sizeable Egyptian market share. From establishment to date, ALwafaa has proven to be a dynamic company able to maintain the value and principles it was founded on, whilst continuously revolutionizing it’s operation, product range, and service scope to meet the needs of the external market, as well as the maintaining its prominent presence in the local arena. Today ALwafaa focuses on the 360 approach in its setup to ensure focus on people, community, environment, health & safety, quality, and last but not least service.

Mission Statement
– Since the early 90’s, ALwafaa has been a prominent player in the agro business.
– Stemming from our belief in human value, we strive to develop calibers’ abilities to uphold the finer values of society, protect environmental sustainability, and achieve economic prosperity.
– Our professionalism generates best-in-class products and services that exceed our partners’ expectations locally & globally

Our Values
• We are forthright, direct and honest
• We set achievable goals and achieve them
• We respect others time
• Maximize the benefit for all

Enjoys a rich and diversified products basket of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, ALwafaa is in continuous seeking for further diversification and expansion of the product range offered. Products, fresh products offer vary from delicate to bulk products and from necessity to niche. ALwafaa has always taken pride in being able to provide products that would meet demands in the markets it servers

We can get anything from anywhere. From the operational set up whether by the reach achieved with alwafaa wide network of relations or whether it be via the various partners, over the years alwafaa has gained the powerful capability to source any extra quantity or alternative crop especially requested by our valued clients in order to facilitate their required supply

Why you should choose us ? Our products are..

  • Healthy by nature For every meal
  • Pretty from the outside healthy from the inside
  • Serving healthy food for you is our pleasure
  • For us it’s not just business,it’s a passion We respects others time

Our markets:

  • lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Libya
  • Greece
  • Italy

Our vision and aims:

  • Capturing the nature on its finest
  • Portraying the elegance of fresh produce
  • Make it easy to have safe,healthy food all over the world
  • Establish a wide base of customers all over the world
  • Allow our wonderful egyptian products to compete in global markets